November 11, 2021 Sean Markell

Why Should You Invest in COQ Tokens?

Covid-19 and the economic slowdown have made life difficult for us. Many people have lost their jobs, many have lost their lives, and in the midst of all this, we are all living a daily life full of compromises and we all are continuously searching for a highly liquid passive income source.

Investing in cryptocurrency is one of the sources that is getting all the attention these days. There are various ways and methods to generate income in the cryptocurrency world.

You can invest in ICO, STO, NFT, IDO, or you can start trading to make a good profit. However, these methods take time and effort as you will have to do research to find some really reliable projects or coins to invest in.

Is there a better way to earn more? Is there a way that takes less time and effort?

Yes, there is a way to earn automatically just by holding tokens. That’s it, you just have to buy tokens and keep them in your wallet and you will earn forever.

Want to know about it?

Surely, the above lines must have piqued your interest, and you would like to know more about it. And we would like to tell you that your interest has already put you on the right track. Meet COQ- a BNB reflection token.

What is a Reflection Token?

Reflection Token is also known by its acronym which is RFI. The Reflection token in DeFi is a type of token that charges a fixed transaction fee and uses a smart contract, which allows it to automatically reflect a portion of those fees to existing token holders allowing them to generate returns on their holdings.

While the RFI itself technically still refers to one of the original DeFi reflection tokens known as Reflect Finance (RFI), it has now become synonymous with Reflection tokens in general.

Why Should You Invest in COQ Tokens?

Now when you know about Reflection tokens and how they work, understanding the concept of COQ will be easier for you. As mentioned in the heading above, COQ is a Pure BNB RFI token. Our token has an auto-claim feature along with dynamic dividends and taxation capabilities.

As COQ is a reflection token, investors just have to hold COQ tokens in their wallets and they’ll get a return as BNB on their holding every hour forever. As it has dynamic dividends and taxation capabilities thus tax rates and dividends will be also divided via voting by the community as per the market viewpoint!

There are a few tokens that are already based on this concept, but either their value is high or they failed to impress their target audience.  However, COQ has a road map, a responsible team, a marketing strategy, all the resources, and your support that are required to make a crypto project successful. Additionally, the price of COQ is lower at the initial stage, which will soon go sky-high when people will start using it.

Thus, if you are looking for a passive income source that is highly profitable, requires minor to no effort and time, and has infinite opportunities then Invest in COQ now!