November 16, 2021 Sean Markell

Why Should You Buy COQ token? What Are The Benefits?

We are all living in a world where at the moment everyone is living a life full of financial restrictions and adjustments. Around 45L people lost their lives, many lost jobs, and many lost businesses. Above all, the economic slowdown also makes life harder.

In this time period, we all are looking for a passive income source that can help us financially to survive. There are many passive income sources but for now, nothing can beat cryptocurrencies. The industry has various opportunities readily available for the new and existing investors and they can really generate good returns on investment.

However, not all cryptocurrencies are fruitful and some are just scams. That’s why finding a good project or cryptocurrency is important, but it will take time. We thought to help you to save your valuable time and effort by introducing you to our highly profitable project we are working on – Meet COQ.

Why Should You Invest in COQ?

“Because it can make you BNB wealthy”.

Yes, you read it right, COQ can make you BNB wealthy. It doesn’t even require effort from your side. How?

COQ is a pure BNB RFI token. Since it is a reflection token, this token charges a fixed transaction fee and uses a smart contract, which automatically deposits a portion of those fees to existing token holders, thus the user is generating returns on their holdings without spending much time and effort.

COQ token has an auto-claim feature along with dynamic dividends and taxation capabilities. Thus the user will decide the percentage of taxation on fees and dividend percentage as well. The project also has a tool COQ View that will protect all the transactions along with tracking the progress of all the DEXes, Farms, and Mines.

  • The main reason you would like to buy COQ Token is the passive income (BNB) it will generate automatically.
  • The second reason is that the supply is limited thus when it will be in use the demand will rise, and due to limited supply the value of each token will go sky-high.
  • The third reason will be the usability of COQ tokens in the ecosystem, which have various parts and infinite opportunities.

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Benefits of Holding COQ

COQ allows you to send and receive funds (crypto) instantly without any mediator, which saves a huge amount of extra fees. Additionally there are various activities that can give users rewards and bonuses.

We can’t also ignore the fact that users can earn BNB just by holding COQ tokens in their wallets. It doesn’t require effort or time, just buy COQ and hold it in your wallet and enjoy the benefits of an automatic BNB generating mechanism.

However, it needs to be noted that the bigger your holding the more BNBs you will earn so don’t waste your time and Invest in COQ token now. You can buy COQ tokens from the official website and as it is at the initial stage the price is very low. Thus hurry up and don’t miss the opportunity.