Smart Contract certified by CERTIX:

What is COQ Token?

We believe Binance native token (BNB) is the next liquid gold, so we develop a system that produces and stacks up BNB every hour forever. COQ is a DeFi and Binance Coin (BNB) reflection token, incorporating an auto-claim feature and dynamic taxation and dividends. COQ token basically collects a fixed fee on every transaction and uses smart contracts to “reflect” back a portion of those fees into the wallets of its holders. Our native $COQ token works on an autonomous, frictionless yield farming and liquidity generation protocol. Simply hold $COQ tokens in your wallet and earn passive income in BNB.

Yearly Processing Volume

Bottom line projection from transactions and auto-trading


Total Volume Exchange

4000 BNB

BNB Reward per Hour (BRH)



Smart Contract Features

Auto-Trading System + DeFi Protocols + Dynamic Rates & Dividends

BNB Passive Income

Up to 10% of all transaction is redistributed amongst COQ holders in BNB, generating passive income.


1% of every transaction is added to liquidity, to further stabilize the price and combat dips.


1% of every transaction is burned, forever removing it from the supply, creating increased scarcity.

Extra 15% Sell Fee

$COQ sells are restricted to less than 0.1% of the total supply + extra 15% selling fee is applied to all sells to reduce arbitrage, swing-trading and whales dumps.

Anti-Whale Dumping

The max supply a wallet can hold is capped at 1% of the total supply which helps counter dumping from big investors also known as whales.

Aggressive Promotion

To keep the buzz alive for years, 1% of every transaction goes to worldwide promotion, community rewards and giveaways

100x BNB per Hour

COQ ATS V1.1: A multi-nodes auto-trading system that facilitates horizontal scalability and high availability to auto-trade the Buy Back Volume (BBV) to boost the dividends 100x/hour.

COQ ATS compares the trading options and decides which combination brings the highest return at the given moment (taking the market’s most recent data into account).

COQ-ATS is a 24/7 high-speed automated application trading the buyback funds giving COQ token an edge to never miss a trade to boost the BNB rewards.

The two main features are:

  • Superior Tracking Technology (STT)
    COQ-ATS can track up to 20 CEX and DEX simultaneously and scan them all.
  • Algorithm Intelligence (A.I.)
    The COQ-ATS Algorithm Intelligence can automatically recognize trends and switch through the best strategies depending on the market trends.


What is the minimum of $COQ to have to earn BNB?

At this moment, a holder needs to have $100 worth of $COQ tokens to start earning BNB.

How are we earning the BNB?

Imagine 5 years ago you had a system that would give you BTC rewards. You would be worth millions of dollars right now. Well, we calculated out of all the tokens besides ETH the BNB token will worth above $10k in 5 years. While the price is under $1k we created a system to aggressively produce BNB.

We will produce BNB from:

  1. COQ-ATS – Crypto Auto Trading System
  2. COQFARM – Staking-Lending Protocol
  3. COQSWAP – DEX dApp
  4. Pairing Transactions on CEX like, Binance, KuCoin and more
  5. Every time the $COQ tokens are bought, sold or transferred.

Where do we claim the BNB?

You don’t have to claim your BNB. It will automatically added to your wallets with the COQ tokens.