Technical Progress


This page is dedicated to the technical progress of the COQ Project

COQ Token Solution Progress:

  1. Potential Reentrancy Attack
    1. Solution in progress //
  2. Leftover Tokens Caused by Unoptimized One-Sided Supply.
    1. Solution in Progress //


COQ Auto Trading System:

  1. Strategy SCALP-HARBOR in progress
    1. SCALP-ACTOR is the main strategy that will produce more BNB when holding the COQ Token. It requires frequent entry and exit decisions within a short time frame.
    2. Our challenge: Strategy will be more successfully implemented when orders can be filled, and this depends on liquidity levels. High-volume trades offer much-needed liquidity on Pancakeswap.
    3. Performance is currently being tuned at the moment to get more orders and to get more profitable entries.
    4. Live testing and Backtesting in progress
    5. COQ-ATS Bridge implementation in progress


  1. Currently working with the CERTIK Team to fix critical to minor issues
  2. Making sure the smart contract has very low errors