October 28, 2021 Sean Markell

Introduction About COQ Token

In recent times, various protocols, methods, and ways to use cryptocurrencies are coming on top of the surface, DeFi is one of them. DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance, it is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as banks, brokerages, and exchanges, to offer traditional financial instruments, and instead uses smart contracts on the blockchain, the most common being Ethereum.

There are a few DeFi based tokens in the market and COQ token is making its way too. The $COQ will efficiently utilize the Binance Smart Chain Network to secure the transfer of digital currencies and assets between parties. In this article, we will talk about the COQ token and how it is different and revolutionary.

COQ Token

COQ is a DeFI token that powers the COQ VIEW application, COQ VIEW is a deep pool explorer application that monitors all decentralized financial pools across all chains to increase transparency and security with its proprietary technologies.

COQ token is a pure BNB reflection token with the auto-claim feature. Simply put COQ tokens in your wallet and you will earn BNB every hour forever. The tax rate will also be decided by the community!

The COQ token can be used as a cryptocurrency tool to accumulate value without the need to ride the volatility of the token price.

To make buying COQ tokens easier for users we partner with Metamask Wallet!  It is a futuristic wallet that has a browser extension and a mobile app. It features secure login, key vault, token wallet, token exchange, and many more features. Metamask Wallet has everything you need to manage your digital assets

You can buy COQ with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and more, and to receive the BNB tokens You will have to go live on Pancakes Wap.

COQ View

The total supply of COQ tokens is set at 1.5 trillion tokens and the Binance Smart Chain is the basis of this project. The COQ View development team has a mission to help the decentralized finance industry grow, surpassing its current limits without the involvement of lawmakers or middlemen. To achieve this mission, COQView Blockchain Technology (CBT) will enhance the security of the DeFi protocol.

The team is developing a deep pool explorer to deliver better output and detailed insights, reports, analysis, monitoring of scams and hacks. CoqView will carefully monitor the DEXes, Farms, and Mines. Designed for risk-takers. CoqView will help you analyze the DeFi protocol to give you the proper analytical data and confidence to invest in the cryptomarket.

Benefits of COQ Token

COQ token will be a highly beneficial token for the investors as well as the users. Holders of COQ Tokens whether investors or users will earn BNB and the best part is that the tax will be also decided by the community. Thus, the users will have control over COQ tokens and as the supply is limited the value of tokens will start to increase soon.

COQ holders receive a return from dividends received from COQ staking activities. Additionally, It is a community or user-focused DeFi project When the users will start to use our token the value of the token will rise quickly and users can also avail themselves of many more benefits of the project.

Thus, Invest in the COQ token now and help our project grow so that you will get a robust cryptocurrency tool that will help you accumulate value without needing to ride out the volatility of the token price.