November 9, 2021 Sean Markell

How To Participate In COQ Pre-ITO And Buy COQ Token?

Since 2017, cryptocurrencies and crypto markets have been growing at a rapid pace. In this period, various avenues and new models of investment in startups were introduced. These new models helped the dynamic, young industry, which may have been suppressed by traditional fundraising processes called initial public offerings (IPOs), which are slow and subject to strict regulation, to survive and grow.

One of the new models that became popular and encouraged the industry even in bad times was Initial Token Offering (ITO). It was designed to meet the challenges of the time.

COQ also uses this new model to raise funds for the COQ project. This project will revolutionize the sector with some of its very cool and unique features. The project is aimed at making $COQ HODLers BNB Wealthy Forever.

In this blog post, we are sharing a step-by-step process to buy COQ Token and to participate in COQ Pre-ITO.

How To Buy COQ Token?

COQ is a pure BNB reflection token that has an auto-claim feature along with dynamic dividends and taxation.  Investors just have to simply hold $COQ tokens in their wallets and they’ll earn BNB every hour forever. Tax rates and dividends will be divided via voting by the community according to the market sentiment!

Surely, the above lines might have piqued your interest, so if you want to get involved, there is a very easy process you can follow to buy COQ Tokens. And the most important fact is that you don’t have to wander here and there in search of the right patch, just visit the official website and you are ready to buy.

  1. Open  from any browser.
  2. Find the “Buy $COQ Tokens” button on the website and click on it.
  3. For security purposes you will not be able to connect your wallet with your regular mobile web browser, So download Metamask Wallet with the given link.
  4. Click on continue if you already have Metamask browser installed, click on “Click here to continue”.
  5. Now on the next page connect your Walletconnect wallet or Fortmatic account. There are options for both.
  6. After successfully connecting the account, you can simply swap BUSD for COQ. You can only buy $COQ Tokens with $BUSD.
  7. Enter the amount of BUSD or COQ to buy COQ, Now click swap and approve the transaction.

That’s it, You have successfully bought COQ tokens, and the token will be credited into your wallet automatically. The important thing to keep in mind is that the more $COQ tokens you have, the more BNB you will produce.

Buy $COQ, join our vibrant communities, and generate a good amount of BNB, just by holding COQ tokens. COQ tokens will become a highly lucrative passive income source for all its holders and investors. Thus, hurry up and buy COQ tokens now!

We would like to end this post with this remark that our support team is also proud of their wonderful and helpful community on Telegram and many other social media! So, join the community, ask your queries and get answers in no time.