Welcome to the COQ token spectacular!

Welcome to the Original COQ token on the Solana Network. Join us and become a part of the Meme Token frenzy. Our token boasts zero buy and sell taxes, with 100% of the supply securely locked in liquidity to prevent rug pulls.

All token holders acquired their holdings fairly from the liquidity pool, which is rigorously monitored. Backed by experienced community leaders in marketing and token success, and with our enthusiastic members eager to propel us to the moon, our community is thriving! Secure your $COQ today and join our vibrant community!

Moreover, with every $COQ token purchase, your transaction automatically enters you for a chance to win a Lamborghini Aventador, a CyberTruck, or their equivalent value in COQ tokens directly deposited into your wallet. Don’t miss out—grab your $COQs and let’s soar!

Buy/Sell Tax


Rug Pull




Meme Coin for Entertainment!

COQ Token have no designated owners. They are owned by the community and participants who hold $COQ tokens in their wallets. The entire token supply is in liquidity, permanently locked in Raydium! 

Beware of scammers falsely claiming ownership or affiliation with the COQ token team. There is no official team or ownership; only community managers oversee the website and social media. 

If you’re interested in contributing to the community as a developer, marketer, or influencer to enhance fun utilities, reach out to us at [email protected].

We appreciate and love you!