November 17, 2021 Sean Markell

COQ Is On The Way To Changing The Crypto Landscape

Before talking about how a project is on its way to changing the cryptocurrency landscape, first and foremost, we want to discuss the concept of reflection in the context of cryptocurrencies. It is all because that project is a pure BNB reflection token. In this article, we will talk about Working or Reflection tokens as well thus tighten your seat belt and continue reading.

Cryptocurrency and Reflection Token

Yield farming, staking and liquidity mining have all entered the market in recent months due to the vital growth of the DeFi ecosystem. Investors generate interest by simply ‘locking in’ their crypto tokens by depositing for a period of time.

While in theory, this is tempting, these techniques have a disadvantage: irreversible loss of assets. Even if you earn interest on your crypto assets, if the value of the underlying token changes dramatically, the value of your token will increase much less than what you retain.

As a result, we have seen widespread acceptance of reflective tokens. It comes with a definite idea that aims to reduce the difficulties associated with cultivating rewards.

The reflection concept is quantity dependent. This mechanism mitigates negative selling pressure on the token due to early holders cashing their holdings.

The reflection mechanism also encourages holders to hold their tokens in order to earn large returns proportional to the holder’s token holdings. The Reflection system actually doubles the profit for the holders who hold their tokens the longest.

Working of Reflection and How COQ can make you BNB Worthy?

Reflection works by imposing a penalty tax on each transaction and distributing the fee to all token holders according to the percentage of assets they hold. Holders are not required to stake or wait for the distribution of fees.

Fees are provided by smart contracts and in most cases are reflected immediately in the holder’s balance as tokens, or more recently in BNB, as we are talking about the COQ token.

So, people who want to make a profit on their investment without spending much time and effort can invest in these reflection tokens like COQ.

You don’t have to learn, invest, stake, trade, exchange, or anything to earn. Just buy COQ and hold it in your wallet, that’s it. COQ also features an auto-claim feature that will help you manage everything for the user.

With COQ you can earn a return just by holding the COQ tokens in your wallet. The more and longer you will hold the bigger you win.

That’s how COQ is on the way to Changing the Crypto Landscape, it will make generating good ROI easier than ever before. It also doesn’t require any effort or much time, hold COQs in wallet and your will start to earn forever.

Buying COQ is, even more, easier, Just visit the official website, click on a Buy button and complete the payment process. That’s it COQ tokens will appear in your wallet.  Thus don’t waste your valuable time and invest in COQ now.