November 22, 2021 Sean Markell

Upcoming ICO: Best Upcoming Cryptocurrency ICO In 2021

There are 7000+ cryptocurrencies in the crypto market and all have their own aim and value. I have been in this field for around 5 years and I am always in search of opportunities. ICOs, IEOs, STOs, trading, and staking are some of the very fruitful methods to invest and make a good profit.

However, I spend a good amount of time exploring new and trending opportunities before opting into something that is reliable and profitable for me and my hard-earned money.

We have seen some really cool inventions and developments in the crypto market. NFT and Reflection tokens are a few of them. These tokens are not only good for making investments but also attract more and more people into the crypto-verse.

Finding NFTs is easy but finding a Reflection token that is at the initial stage of development or market launch is hard. However, I found one that is a Reflection token and also holds an ICO for raising funds.

Meet COQ – A Pure BNB Reflection Token

Reflection works by inflicting a penalty tax on every transaction and sharing the fee to all the token holders according to the percentage of assets they hold. Holders are not required to stake or hold for the distribution of fees.

Fees are offered by smart contracts and in some cases are reflected instantly in the holder’s balance as tokens, or more recently in BNB, as we are talking about the COQ token.

Therefore, those people who want to make a profit on their investment without spending much time and effort can invest in this reflection tokens such as COQ. In this you don’t have to learn, stake, invest trade, exchange, or anything to earn.

This is why you just need to buy COQ and hold it in your wallet. COQ also features an auto – claim character that will assist you in managing everything for the user. Under COQ you can earn a return just by putting the COQ tokens in your wallet. As long as you hold the bigger you win.

This is how COQ is on the way to implementing the crypto Landscape, it will generate the best ROI simpler than ever before. It doesn’t even require any effort or much time, just hold COQs in your wallet and you will begin to earn forever.

Buying COQ becomes easier, as you just need to visit the official website, and click on a button and complete the payment process. That’s how COQ tokens will appear in your wallet. So, don’t waste your valuable time and invest in COQ now.


There is an ongoing ICO Token sale of COQ, Where you can buy COQ tokens with BUSD (Binance USD). The price is at its lowest now. $COQ token can only be bought with Metamask Web Browser. To buy the COQ token follow the steps below.

How to Buy COQ Token from an ongoing ICO?

COQ is an actual BNB reflection token that has an auto-claim feature under dynamic and dividends and taxation. Investors just have to simply keep $ COQ tokens in their wallets and they’ll earn BNB each hour forever. Tax rates and dividends will be divided through voting by the community as per the market sentiment.

Hence, the above-mentioned lines might attract your attention so, if you want to indulge, there is a simple process you can go through to buy COQ Tokens. And for that, you just need to visit the official website, and get ready to buy-

  • Open from any browser.
  • Search the ‘Buy $COQ Tokens’ button on the website and click on it.
  • Due to security purposes, you will not be able to connect your wallet with your regular mobile web browser, so download Metamask Wallet with the provided link.
  • Click on continue if you already have Metamask browser installed, click on ‘Click here to continue.
  • Now on the next page connect your Wallet Connect wallet or Fortmatic account. Here are the options for both.
  • After successfully connecting the account, you can simply swap BUSD for COQ. You can only buy $COQ Tokens with $BUSD.
  • Enter the amount of BUSD or COQ, now click swap and approve the transaction.

This is how you’ll successfully buy a COQ token which will be credited into your wallet automatically. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the more $COQ tokens you have, the more BNB you will be producing.

You just need to buy $COQ, where you join our throbbing communities and start a good amount of BNB, just by holding COQ tokens. COQ tokens will become a highly lucrative passive income source for all its holders and investors.