Become BNB Wealthy Forever with $COQ!

$COQ is the first auto-trading BNB generating token with auto-claim feature, internal trading system, dynamic dividends and taxation. Simply hold $COQ tokens in your wallet and you’ll earn BNB every hour forever.

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COQ Token Main Features

COQ-ATS v1.1

A multi-nodes auto-trading system that facilitates horizontal scalability and high availability to auto-trade the Buy Back Volume (BBV) to boost the dividends 100x/hour. COQ-ATS is a 24/7 high-speed automated application trading the buyback funds giving COQ token an edge to never miss a trade to boost the BNB rewards.


A next-generation yield-generating contract based on a static incentive structure where 10% of each transaction geared towards fairness in the distribution of dividends. The smart contract examines a user’s withdrawable dividend balance, and if it exceeds the set minimum level for auto-claims, the system either automatically claims the dividends for BNB or purchases the user’s tokens.


A decentralized autonomous organization that governs the COQ defi mechanism, enabling $COQ stakers to vote for dividends and taxation rates to boost the BNB Reward per Hour (BRH) and take part in the network’s governance.

COQ Token Ecosystem

DeFi Protocols to boost COQ tokens popularity and BNB rewards


COQ Staking Protocol


Multichain Decentralized Exchange


COQ Lending Protocol


9999 Unique Roosters Ready to Be Minted!